NMI Mask Testing Forum 2.0

Source: Australian Department of Health

TGA encourages sponsors and manufacturers of medical device facemasks and respirators to join the Mask Testing Forum.

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) established a Mask Testing Forum in 2020 as an informal technical discussion group. The primary focus of the group was to solve technical questions of mutual relevance with the intention to accelerate the development of Australia’s mask testing capabilities. These discussions included, but were not limited to, ensuring confidence in mask testing results and understanding how they compare between jurisdictions or laboratories.

The NMI are looking to expand this forum in 2021. Through the Forum, NMI hopes to facilitate the development of collaborative solutions to pre-/non-commercial technical issues of mutual concern across the industry including:

  • Interpretation of standards
  • requirements from regulators,
  • industry questions and
  • policy issues that are relevant to technical questions being considered by the forum.

The NMI would like to see a broad range of interested parties join the forum, including manufacturers and major suppliers of masks and respirators, Government representatives, public and private PPE testing laboratories and researchers.

To join the forum or for more information, please see mask testing forum or email COVID19@measurement.gov.au.